1. 646. 462. 1339 1.646.462.1339 1.516.778.4129 Jamaica, NY 11411 authorizedoshatrainers.com Email: services@eohsc.com www.authorizedoshatrainers.com We are authorized OSHA Trainers for General Industry (excluding agriculture, construction & maritime). We train workers and develop written safety programs to reduce work related illnesses, injuries and fatalities. We will customize the courses to meet the host's specific health and safety training needs. Register for our 10 or 30-hour General Industry courses.  We provide safety and health training for workers, supervisors, and managers. We are OSHA's authorized trainers and will provide you with a free OSHA Card and a certificate. OUR COURSES WHY DO WORKERS NEED TO BE TRAINED PROMOTE WORKER’S SAFETY Prevent injuries, illnesses and deaths Increase worker’s productivity Increase morale Reduce work loss days Avoid costly legal proceedings Reduce medical expenses Avoid OSHA penalities.... LEARN MORE OUR COURSES  Authorized OSHA Trainers is operated by The Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Consulting, Inc.